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History and Professional Experience

As a professional painting contractor, my clients’ satisfaction is my No. 1 priority.

I’m not a fly-by-night “BLOW AND GO” painter. I take the time to hand-trim around the windows and doors, and the accent trims show off the way you them to.

  • In the painting industry for 20 years
  • Started in CA 1981; moved to Boise 1992
  • Last employed by Micron for 8 years in their paint department
  • Specialized in epoxy floor coatings
  • Started my own painting contractor business in 2004

What I Do

  • Residential & commercial painting, staining and lacquering
  • Handyman services
  • Interior & exterior painting
  • Specializing in: epoxy floor coatings
    • smooth & non-skid
    • Over 500,00 s.f. of floor coating

Professionalism and attention to detail is what makes me different

  • I listen to the client and help design the paint scheme
  • Provide clear and fair bid
  • Ensure the job is completed as promised within the agreed time frame

Why do I paint?

  • The satisfaction I get when the client sees the job fnished; knowing that the before picture is just the thing of the past.
  • The pride I feel when the job is done right and the customer is pleased.
  • Knowing that I have done a professional job and accomplished my N. 1 goal: Customer Satisfaction

How a professional paint application is done

  • Careful attention is taken to protect the clients plantings, flooring and furnishings
  • Prepare surface for paint as appropriate
    • Exterior materials:
      • Wood
      • Stucco
      • Other siding and exterior materials
    • Interior:
      • Removal of wall paper
      • Proper preparation of all surfaces to be painted or stained

Why do painter wear white?

Long ago, “white washing” was popular.
Tombs, homes, fences, everything, were all white washed (i.e. white paint). People looking for jobs could always earn quick wages by painting for property owners or those who could no longer care for their relatives in the grave yards. Thus, the white clothing was to hide the white paint. The white uniforms are left over from the tradition.

The value of your real estate increases just by the application of fresh paint and some TLC. You can change the attitude of your home with color, at a reasonable cost.

Your home is truly your castle when it reflects your taste and style.

Excellent Customer Service!
Professionally Trained Technicians
Always On Schedule

Workers Always Neat & Clean
Always Prompt
Completely Trustable

Employee Drug testing
Affordable Prices